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Press Briefing / News

BOI approves another 15 projects worth over 40,000 million Baht BOI approved another 15 projects related to alternative energy, automotive parts, and sewage energy production worth over 40,000 million Baht. This makes 121 projects worth over 300,000 million Baht in total that have been approved by BOI since June 8, 2014.
( 20 August 2014 )

NCPO Chief insists NRC application opened to all sectors The NCPO Chief expressed concern on the application of members of National Reform Council (NRC), and urged concerned offices to do more public relations in order to draw application from all sectors. He also insisted that application was indiscriminately opened to all.
( 19 August 2014 )

NCPO approved US$30,000 contribution to ASEAN plus Three Cooperation Fund The NCPO meeting approved for Ministry of Foreign Affairs to disburse a budget of US$30,000 as part of the country’s contribution to the ASEAN plus Three Cooperation Fund.
( 19 August 2014 )